Val De Cune Millesimato Dry

From the grapes of our vineyards, this wine is dry, elegant and with a fine perlage. The taste is soft and caressing. The Scent is intense and fruity.

  • Varietal

    85% Prosecco – 15% Verdiso, Bianchetta e Perera

  • Area of origin

    Area of origin Valdobbiadene (family-owned vineyards)

  • Sugar residue

    25 g/l

  • Colour

    Bright pale straw yellow with a lively and persistent perlage

  • Bouquet

    Intense, elegant and pleasantly fruity

  • Taste

    Elegant, fresh and tangy as well as soft and harmonious

  • Food affnities

    A big sparkling wine for all occasions from aperitif to dessert