Tradition, passion and innovation are the values that have traced the history of our family from the historical nickname “Marsuret”.
The Marsura family originally from Valdobbiadene, in the hearth of the DOCG area, has a long tradition of land, grapevines and bubbles.
“The will of affirming the value of our brand, of our past and the quality of our wines is the driving force that guides our work everyday. Valter, Marina, Sara e Andrea”


The physical and naturalistic features of the Prosecco Docg hills is really unique and still untouched. The landscape is spectacular and has peculiar microclimatic characteristics which have enabled the cultivation of grapevines in this territory since ancient times and especially Prosecco’s grapes.


Discover our wines: line VALDOBBIADENE, line VAL DE CUNE, line Selezione del VALTER.